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• January 5, 2004 • 6:09 pm •
Hello. I just joined. Here's some bands near me::

Another Tragic Ending -http://www.anothertragicending.com/
From- Hope Valley/South Kingston, Rhode Island
The Band- Is made up of 6 guys, 5 which are seniors at Chariho High School - plus all of them are extreamly gorgeous
Sound- emo sounding, can be screamo-ish , really great band

Can't Face The Falling -http://www.cantfacethefalling.com/
From- Rhode Island
The Band- 5 girls, who definetly know how to play, their currently looking out for record labels, also most of them are in college
Sound- very light and flowy, great lyrics, piano plays througout songs , if Saves The Day or Bright Eyes were girls, this is what they'd sound like

Slik Willy -http://www.slikwilly.net/
From- Rhode Island
The Band- a group of college guys just playing because they love it
Sound-emo/screamo-ish , sort of punk at times, well put-together

Fringe Benefits -http://www.fringebenefits.cjb.net/
From-Newport, Rhode Island
The Band-3 guys all seniors in high school, I think
Sound-mainstream , good if you like to the kind of music on the radio, alternative/punk is mostly the sound

Monty's Fan Club -http://www.montysfanclub.com/
From-Rhode Island
The Band-group of guys , check out their shows, they play alot at the Strand
Sound- Ska/Emo/Punk , Just all around great band

Premonition -http://www.premonitionmusic.com/
From-Providence , Rhode Island
The Band-5 guys - well put together
Sound- Emo/Altern/Rock

A Certain Something -http://www.acertainsomethingrock.com/
From-Milford, Conneticut
The Band-Girl fronted band , 5 members
Sound-Punk/Rock - really great band

Perfect Endings -www.perfectendings.tk
From - Long Island, New York
The Band- 4 guys , dont know much about them
Sound- Emo/Screamo - good sound

Angry Amputees -www.angryamputees.com
to listen -http://www.artistlaunch.com/angryamputees

From-San Francisco , California
The Band- 2 girls, 2 guys, the bassist is legless and fingerless, as he was one of the few survivors of a chemical accident, lead singer is a girl
Sound- Punk/Thrash/Sometimes Hate music - this is one of my favorite bands

That all for now :)

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• January 4, 2004 • 12:11 am •
Hi everybody. I'm new to the community and there's a band I thought was noteworthy.

1/ Feeling Left Out
2/ They have an acoustic sound. They're from NJ (I'm not sure where)
3/ Two To the Chest To Remember, One To The Head To Forget
4/ Jan. 16 in Wilkes-Barre, PA @ Cafe Metropolis [www.cafemetropolis.com] 7:00. $8. w/ Steel Train, Tonight We Escape, The Silver Scream
5/ http://www.feelingleftout.net/flo1.html
6/ "Gravy Fries and Dirty Lollipops" or "Amanda's Poem about Unicorns"

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:: mood: sleepy

• January 3, 2004 • 2:06 am •
ettison clio... rad emo screamo punk band from lansing, michigan. check 'em out and tell me what you think.

[ http://www.ettisonclio.com ]

muchas gracias!

k funk.

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• January 1, 2004 • 5:15 pm •
:: october fall
listen to us and lemme know what you think


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• December 31, 2003 • 12:17 pm •
:: woo hoo
hey everybody ... happy new year and check out my band this new year !
come to some shows !! yeah !

[october fall]

friday 01.09.04
fishbowl coffehouse in roselle, il
(206 south rush street)
doors 7 30

october fall


saturday 01.10.04
cross of glory church in lockport, il
(163rd and Cedar Rd)
doors 6 30

october fall
the lost anthology
more tba


be nice :)

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• December 30, 2003 • 1:30 pm •
w00t w00t i'm now the mantainer of a community. emocoffehouse yes i am aware that coffee is spelt wrong,but too late to change it now. its just another place to meet fellow emo kids such as myself. so yeh join if you wish.

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• December 31, 2003 • 12:19 am •
1. Jacobs stories
2. Sounds quite a lot like the Postal Service, maybe a bit slower, very good live!
3. Jacobs stories- Jacobs stories
4. Dunno any in the near future
5. http://www.jacobs-stories.com
6. Unfinished idea no.208

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:: mood: thirsty

• December 25, 2003 • 12:57 am •
From hcx_whore and I

emo_update wishes you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

love from les finchee

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• December 20, 2003 • 12:47 am •
hey every body im new in here. check my band out. lemme know what you think. [october fall]

listen +
+ http://www.purevolume.com/octoberfall

site +
+ http://www.octoberfallrock.com

join +
+ http://www.livejournal.com/community/octoberfall

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• December 12, 2003 • 1:06 am •
A big heloooooo to all our new members. I just wanted to say what i have before is that if any of you have any logo skills etc please let me know and we can do something!
How does everone like the new layout?!!

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:: mood: accomplished

• December 10, 2003 • 9:33 pm •
1/ BAND NAME // Hope Lies Beyond
2/ BREIF DESCRIPTION // Melodic Hardcore band from Northern PA
3/ ALBUM NAME // Self Titled/ Cadence
4/ GIGS UPCOMING // none set.
5/ WEBSITE ADDRESS // http://www.hopeliesbeyond.com
6/ SONG WE HAVE TO DOWNLOAD. Just get their songs on their website

1/ BAND NAME // The Acidic Front
2/ BREIF DESCRIPTION // Emo Core i guess from California
3/ ALBUM NAME // Black Water Ep
4/ GIGS UPCOMING // none set.
5/ WEBSITE ADDRESS // http://www.theacidicfront.com
6/ SONG WE HAVE TO DOWNLOAD. Wavelength. You can get em at MP3.com under the name Nutwood

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:: mood: blah

• December 10, 2003 • 9:14 pm •
:: No Subject
Yeah, I'm new. So someone requested me to be here...so yeah.

I'll post something, even though many of you have probably already heard of these guys...

1/.BAND NAME // HORSE the band
2/.BRIEF DESCRIPTION // Hardcore mixed with Nintendo-like sounds played by a keyboard...NxC
3/.ALBUM NAME // R. Borlax
12.15.03: HORSE the band, With All Sincerity, Thirty Called Arson, Never So Young @ Showcase, Corona, CA. 7:30 PM, $8.
12.16.03: HORSE the band, Bleeding Kansas, With All Sincerity, Thirty Called Arson @ Silverlake, CA, more TBA
12.19.03: In Ashes We Lie, Metaphor is Audio, HORSE the band, Hot Like a Robot @ Decafe, Redlands, CA. 7:30 PM, $3.
5/.WEBSITE ADDRESS // http://www.horsetheband.com/
6/.SONG WE HAVE TO DOWNLOAD // "Bunnies" or "Cutsman"

May I ask who invited me though? This seems like a pretty cool community, as personally I love sharing and finding out about more new music. I'd just like to say thanks! ^_^

And thus ended my post.


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:: mood: tired

• December 10, 2003 • 7:34 pm •
1/ BAND NAME // mankind's only hope
2/ BREIF DESCRIPTION // Emotional Virginia Indie Core.
3/ ALBUM NAME // A Table For One
4/ GIGS UPCOMING // none set.
5/ WEBSITE ADDRESS // http://mankindsonlyhope.cjb.net
6/ SONG WE HAVE TO DOWNLOAD // "The Soft Glow of Electric Sex" and "Only Over My Very Dead Body"

1/ BAND NAME // Time and Distance
2/ BREIF DESCRIPTION // All Acoustic West Virginia Diary Rock.
3/ ALBUM NAME // Blood Loss for an Excuse
december 10 @ sam's burger joint, san antonio tx
zenhed@texas.net for info
december 11 @ the vibe, austin tx
franknlo@austin.rr.com for info
december 12 @ across the street bar, dallas tx (17+)
atsbar@yaleblvd.com for info
december 13 @ the yst, tulsa ok
americanheart119@aol.com for info
december 14 @ des moines, ia
december 15 @ creepy crawl, st. louis mo
jmank01@mail.win.org for info
december 16 @ taco toro, minneapolis mn
somersetrock@hotmail.com for info
5/ WEBSITE ADDRESS // http://www.timeanddistance.com
6/ SONG WE HAVE TO DOWNLOAD // "Pretend You Don't Know"

I don't live in West Virginia, but my friend David Johnston has got me hooked on some great bands from there. Please check them out!


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• December 10, 2003 • 5:09 pm •
hello yeh i'm new hear and i have a couple bands for everyone

1/ BAND NAME- by all means
2/ BREIF DESCRIPTION-my band, emo-core. um can't think of bands that really sound like us
3/ ALBUM NAME- working on ep
4/ GIGS UPCOMING- no date, or place yet, but arormor for sleep, chasing monroe, tears of red
and new years party. on umm new years... der
5/ WEBSITE ADDRESS- being made
6/ SONG WE HAVE TO DOWNLOAD- "dennybored" once we get it on mp3

1/ BAND NAME- no hollywood ending
2/ BREIF DESCRIPTION- amazing hardcore band from local jersey scene
3/ ALBUM NAME- "its all a nightmare"
4/ GIGS UPCOMING- december 20th, prince of peace. howell new jersey
5/ WEBSITE ADDRESS- http://www.nohollywoodending.com/
6/ SONG WE HAVE TO DOWNLOAD- "he died of..." or blood is not enough"

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• December 10, 2003 • 9:18 pm •
...hi, i am new to this community, so i shall try my best to post regularly :)

1/ The Early November
2/ <3 <3 <3
3/ For All of This
4/ 01.12.2004 @ Bristol Acd. with Hidden In Plain View, Home Grown, and Allister
5/ http://www.theearlynovember.net/
6/ i want to hear you sad

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• December 10, 2003 • 1:12 pm •
Well this community has now passed its 2 month anniversary. We have 17 Beautiful members and, personaly i feel i have realy benifited on your updates and comments. I just want to thank all of you for your posts and comments. BUT.... We want more! we don't just want 17 members! we want 100! more! we want a cool layout and posts every day!
So this i propose to you all. Think of ways in which you can help this! who has funky layout skills. who can do cool icons and stuff?! how about a cool user page? Help us out! Each person that does will have a mention on the user page, and i promice personaly to comment on your journals regularly! Comment on this if your interested. <3

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:: mood: excited

• December 6, 2003 • 10:20 pm •
1.. lucky boys confusion
2.. hrm.. i'd say they're like 'relient k' in a way
3.. commitment
4.. end leg of US tour
5.. lucky boys dot com
6.. commitment, champions dub and south union

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• December 6, 2003 • 1:53 am •
1.. the beautifal mistake
2.. SoCal hardXcore fused with rock
3.. light a match....for i deserve to burn
4.. none at the momento
5.. TBM
6.. december and light a match....for i deserve to burn

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• December 3, 2003 • 3:05 am •
1/ BAND NAME a thorn for every heart
2/ BREIF DESCRIPTION hmm. moneen maybe, or senses fail. but way better *shrug*
3/ ALBUM NAME??? silence is golden ep
4/ GIGS UPCOMING??? it says on the site i think.. but there wont be many.
5/ WEBSITE ADDRESS www.athornforeveryheart.com
6/ SONG WE HAVE TO DOWNLOAD next of kin. get it on the site.

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• December 1, 2003 • 8:29 pm •
:: everyone has probably heard of them..but my fave band:
1/ BAND NAME Coheed and Cambria
2/ BREIF DESCRIPTION a boy singer who has not yet hit puberty(voice wise), speak/singing, very rhythmic, catchy tunes. Emocore, some might say. Each album tells a story, and the characters are Coheed, and Cambria.
3/ ALBUM NAME second album: 2nd Stage: Turbine Blade; new album: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
4/ GIGS UPCOMING???Dec. 09 Buffalo, NY
Dec. 10 Pittsburgh, PA
Dec. 11 Cleveland, OH
Dec. 12 Chicago, IL
Dec. 13 Grand Rapids, MI

5/ WEBSITE ADDRESS http://www.coheedandcambria.com
6/ SONG WE HAVE TO DOWNLOAD A Favor House Atlantic

:) there ya go hcx_whore!

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