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I'm not here to steal anyone's flame or to push down on this community. I'm just here to let you know that there is a new community here on livejournal. my roomate and I run a brand new livejournal community which is completely based on independant bands through and through. Anything from Rock, emo / screamo, metal, hardcore, grindcore, hip hop and everthing in between. Any genre you can think of. The members are the providers of great information on new bands, old bands, anything independant. It is an editorial journal to review albums past and present, shows, bands, the whole nine yards.
I am asking you all to join this community and help get it in the air.


Also, since I just probably broke the rules by advertising I have a way of making it up to the moderators. I would like to sister your community on theindiereview's info page. I'm asking the moderator to do the same for us. We will post a direct link to emo_update from our community info page. Please agree to sister us and we will get both these communities soaring.

thank you all.
and Matt austinscorpio23

Dear Moderator;
please comment to this and let me know if you put a link to theindiereview so I can keep on track of it to get your link up.
thanks again
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